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 Competence atlas



  Who is developing what?

  Which expertise exist in norther Germany and Denmark with regard to bones, bone healing and stem cells?

  Find your answers here: competenceatlas




Currently, bone marrow and bone fragments containing valuable stem cells are discarded as waste during routine bone operations. The potential of these stem cells lies primarily in their use for regenerative therapies, such as the treatment of bone fractures. 


During the last three years, we already:

  • developed a method to harvest bone stem cells during routine bone surgeries. For this purpose, we created a prototype of a new medical device and applied for a patent.
  • generated a process chain to safely transport living stem cells from the operating room to the laboratory for stem cell isolation.
  • stored harvested cells under different conditions and evaluated their characteristics to ensure appropriate quality for further growth or clinical application.
  • Involved hospitals have been connected via a specifically developed database system to be able to share sample data respecting the requirements of the EU data protection and privacy regulations.

Our current goals are:

- Development of a cross-border legally compliant (GMP) method for the extraction, storage and use of bone material.

- Development of a GMP compliant cell product

- Foundation of a BONEBANK organisation

With this competence atlas, we established a tool to find expertise in the German-Danish border region in the field of bone stem cells that attracts interregional interest.



BONEBANK is supported by Interreg Deutschland-Danmark with funds from the European Regional Development Fund. Duration: Sep. 2015 - Feb. 2019 | Total budget: 2.4 million Euros, thereof 1.34 million Euros funding

BONEBANK extension phase: Duration: Mar. 2019 - Aug. 2020 | Total budget: 1.5 million Euros, thereof 870.000 Euros funding